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First Announcement

The Olympian Symposium 2018

Gas and stars from milli- to mega- parsecs

May 28th - June 1st, 2018

Paralia Katerini, Mount Olympus, Greece.

The overall view of star formation and interstellar medium studies has been significantly populated with the new remarkable observational data delivered in the age of ALMA. Theoretical investigations have also advanced with unprecedented simulation tools that allow the magneto-hydrodynamical and chemical evolution of the ISM from milli- to mega- parsec scales to be examined. The aim of the conference is to bring together the theoretical, computational and observational scientific communities to address and discuss the star formation and the ISM in this new era.

Our sessions will include discussions on:

  1. the physics and chemistry of the ISM at different scales and metallicities
  2. the role of the galactic environment in the star formation process
  3. the star formation process from low- to high- mass stars
  4. the ISM in starbursts, (U)LIRGs, mergers, AGNs
  5. the formation and evolution of star clusters
  6. the role played by feedback, turbulence and magnetic fields in the evolution of the ISM
  7. the importance of cosmic rays regulating the (thermo-)dynamics and chemical composition of the ISM
  8. how line observations and chemical modelling bridge star formation across scales

The meeting will be held from Monday 28th of May to Friday 1st of June 2018 at the five-star Mediterranean Village Hotel & Spa. This is the third Olympian Symposium, following two successful meetings in 2014 (on Star Formation) and 2015 (on Cosmology and the Epoch of Reionization).

Local Organizing Committee: Olympian Centre for Astrophysics


Second Announcement

The Olympian Symposium 2018

Gas and stars from milli- to mega- parsecs

May 28th - June 1st, 2018

Paralia Katerini, Mt. Olympus, Greece.


The LOC and SOC announce the call for abstract submission and the opening of registration for OS2018 "The Olympian Symposium 2018: Gas and stars from milli- to mega- parsecs" to be held from May 28th to June 1st, 2018 in Paralia Katerini, Greece. The conference will take place at the five-star hotel "Mediterranean Village Hotel & Spa". We welcome abstracts for contributed talks and poster presentations covering any subject from the following topics:




We will not publish conference proceedings for OS2018; however we plan to include in our website the presentations in PDF format after the end of the conference.



Registration covers: Buses from/to Thessaloniki's airport (SKG) to/from the Mediterranean Village Hotel & Spa (weekends before and after the meeting only), excursions, welcome package, coffee breaks, conference dinner.


Third Announcement


The Olympian Symposium 2018

Gas and stars from milli- to mega- parsecs

May 28th - June 1st, 2018

Paralia Katerini, Mt. Olympus, Greece.


Thank you very much for your participation in OS2018. We are about 6 weeks away from the start of the conference and 2 weeks before the registration deadline (April 27th)


Deadline for Late registration: 27 April 2018

Deadline for Abstract submission: 27 April 2018 (poster contributions only)

Registration covers: Shuttles from Thessaloniki's airport (SKG) to Paralia Katerini (and back), excursion, welcome package, coffee breaks, conference dinner. Your welcome package includes a small gift from the organizers which consists of an engraving (old-print), 39x22x2 in dimensions (cm).


We will not publish conference proceedings of OS2018; however, we plan to include on our website the presentations in PDF format after the end of the conference.


We are happy to let you know that the OS2018 programme is now online. Please visit the link:


The organizers are planning to transmit live and record the contributed talks of all the sessions. We will provide a form during your registration at the front desk, in which we will ask for your written permission to do so. If we do not have your permission, we will not proceed in any such recording.


*If you have already booked your accommodation and you have not received the voucher, please contact LOC* There are very few rooms left on the list of hotels appearing in the accommodation website. If you are interested in booking a hotel room from the OS2018 website, please do it as soon as possible via the following link: Participants who wish to stay somewhere else are welcome to do so.


Accompanying persons are very welcome! However, there are additional charges if you plan to use some of our services. Please visit the following link for more information:


For all participants landing in/departing from Thessaloniki airport (SKG), we will have shuttle buses transferring you from the airport to your hotel. For participants who have booked their room in the hotels appearing in the accommodation website, the shuttle buses will transfer you there. If you book a hotel room not appearing on this list, you may choose your nearest stop. Detailed schedule and maps will be announced in the week of May 14th. Please visit the link: Please send us your arrival time at SKG airport by May 13th.


We will have free rides with shuttle buses during the conference week to transfer you from the village of Paralia to the conference venue. Detailed schedule and maps will be announced in the week of May 14th.


Due to limited space, please make sure that your poster is *A1 size* and in *portrait orientation*. We will give you the option to send us your poster one week before the conference; to then be printed locally and hung up in the room for you. The price for this service is 35 Euros and you can pay it in front of the registration desk (Euros cash or card). Please visit this link for more information:


The village of Paralia is small and there are only 1 or 2 ATMs available located about 1-2 km away from the conference venue. We strongly advise you to bring cash. Hotel payments can be made by credit/debit card. In case of any questions, please email the organisers.


The conference excursion (free for all participants) will occur on Wednesday 30 May at 11:45am, visiting the Royal Tomb of Philip II (father of Alexander the Great) in Vergina. For more information, please visit here: Alternative excursions will occur during that day/time only. Additional costs apply. Please visit the link below for more information:


The excursion costs 35 Euros. We inform you that we will have three different groups depending on experience (low/mid/high altitude). For those interested in high altitude and are experienced (and therefore fit!), we will aim at reaching the top of the mountain during that day. However, please be adviced that in order to follow the fast group you will need to be experienced in long distance running (being able to run 10km in 50 minutes or under) as we will cover more than 30km within 10 hours and with >2800m positive altitude change.


From Saturday 26 May to Sunday 3 June, there will be the option for all conference participants and accompanying persons to participate in additional activities. Additional costs apply. Please visit the following link:


Runners! This is for you:


The average day temperature during the last week of May is about 25+ degrees Celsius during day and about 15+ during night. For accurate prediction for the city of Katerini, you may visit the following link:

We look forward to seeing you in Greece!