Finalize your reservation

Provided you have finished Step 1 and have received a transaction ID from vivapayments, please complete the following form to finalize your reservation. Upon submission you will receive an automatic email containing your data, however please wait for a few days for a separate email from the organizers containing your reservation voucher.

Fields with a red border are mandatory.

Personal information

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Sharing a room with another participant

If you already know the participant you will be sharing the room with, please fill out the following details.
Roommate's name
Roommate's surname
Roommate's email

If you do not have a roommate, please fill out the following details. LOC will try to find a roommate for you based on your preferences.
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Sharing a room with your accompanying person (non-participant)

Please give us details for your accompanying persons (non-participants). Children under 7 years old stay free of charge and childcare will be provided free of charge. Children under 14 years old have 50% discount on all room types.
under 7 y.o.
Do you need childcare?
under 14 y.o.
→ Please fill out the form for accompanying persons before 20th May 2018.

Submission of the form

Do you wish to add any special enquiry?
Special Enquiries/

In case none of the above preferences meet your requirements, please contact the organizers ( stating what you need.

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