Landing in Thessaloniki (SKG) - recommended

The International Airport 'Makedonia' in Thessaloniki (Code: SKG) is the closest airport to the conference venue, located about 100 km away. Shuttle buses will transfer you directly to the hotel upon your arrival as well as to the airport when the conference finishes. For all conference participants, shuttle buses are free of charge. Accompanying persons are very welcome, however please make sure you fill out this form before 20th May.

We also inform you that we will be tracking your flight in case there are delays.

Please complete the following form to inform us about your flight arrival and departure details. We will then prepare the transfer schedule accordingly and we will notify you by email regarding your coach departure time. A conference representative will always by present at the airport, waiting at the arrival gate.

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Landing in Athens (ATH)

If you fly to Athens International Aiport "Eleftherios Venizelos" (Airport Code: ATH) you will need to reach the main city of the area "Katerini" either by train or by bus and from there the conference venue by taxi. We also inform you that there are direct flights connecting Athens with Thessaloniki. Prices for return flights start from 40 Euros if you book early and you can check them here. In case you select this option, please fill out the form above.

Prices for metro and local bus and train tickets can be found here.

Useful information regarding your transportation inside Athens can be found here.

Important information regarding the new Athens tickets can be found here.

Traveling by train from ATH to Katerini (and back): Once you land at Athens airport you need to find a way to reach the Athens Central Station (also known as "Stathmos Larisis".

To achieve that you will need to take line 3 of the Metro till Metro Station "Syntagma". Line 3 connects the Airport with the center of Athens. In the airport the metro station is a 5 minutes distance from the arrival gates. There are signs once you exit the gates that will guide you to the metro station. You can buy tickets using the Automatic Ticket Issuing Machines (ATIMs) in all METRO and TRAM Stations and from Ticket Offices. ATIMs, having the option to accept banknotes (5.00, 10.00 and 20.00 €) and give change, are installed in all stations. See relevant instructions for use on each ATIM. Before walking to the platforms for boarding, kindly validate your ticket at the TVCs. Metro Line 3 operates 7 days a week from 6.30 a.m till 11.30 p.m. The duration of the line till the center of Athens (Metro Station "Syntagma") is 40 minutes. See the Metro timetable to the airport here.

Once you reach Station "Syntagma" you will need to board line 2 till Metro Station "Larisis" or "Stathmos Larisis". Once you reach "Stathmos Larisis" you will head to the "TRAINOSE" platforms and travel from the Athens Train Station to Katerini station using one of the 6 daily Intercity (IC) trains. TRAINOSE is the only long-distance passenger railway company in Greece. Formerly state-run, from 2017 it belongs to the Italian State Railways. Today most traffic is concentrated on the Athens-to-Thessaloniki line which is the line that you will need to board.

Once you reach the platforms head to the cashier counters and issue your ticket. Let them know that YOUR DESTINATION STATION IS "KATERINI". Once you pay for your ticket head to the platform that your train leaves from and board the train. There are screens throughout the train station showing from which platform each train is departing. If you want to book your ticket in advance and save money and time by not waiting at the queue at the cashier counters you can do it here.


If you want to book your tickets online you need to select as departure station "Athens" and arrival station "Katerini" as shown below. Once you click search it will show you the list of trains departing that day. In the purple and green circles, you can see the departure and arrival times of each train and in the yellow circle the duration of each trip. Please select the time that fits your travel arrangements. If you have selected return ticket you will need to click on the button return trip as shown on the red circle.


Please pay extra attention to the route (marked with the blue circle) and MAKE SURE that it is writing ATHENS KATERINI. Pressing on the return trip button will give you a list of the trains departing from Katerini and arriving in Athens on the day of your return. Please follow the same procedure and select a trip that fits your travel arrangements and proceed by pressing the "next step: Seat selection" button as shown in the red circle below.


On your next step select your seat. If you have a return ticket you will need to select the seat for your return trip as well (marked with the blue circle below). PLEASE NOTE that the first wagon is Class A ticket and it is more expensive (marked with the red circle below). Once you have selected your seats click on the "Next Step: Terms of Service" button (marked with the green circle below).


Accept the terms of service but ticking the corresponding checkbox and proceed by clicking on the "Next Step: Passenger Names" button. Write your full name AS SHOWN ON YOUR PASSPORT and press the "Add" button. If you have an accompanying person please write their name as well and press the "Add" button to add them to your ticket. Once you have filled out the details of all the passenger proceed by pressing the "Next Step: Webticket Payment" button. Complete your contact information and proceed to the payment by pressing the "Next Step" button. Fill in your card details and finish the payment.

As soon as you reach Katerini's train station, you will take a taxi to reach your hotel (5 minutes drive). Taxis are available 24/7 outside the train station. Please estimate an amount of about 10 €.

Traveling by bus from ATH to Katerini (and back): If you prefer travelling by bus then the following directions will take you to the conference venue.

Once you exit the arrival gates follow the signs that will lead you to the airport's bus station. Board the X93 Athens express local bus and ask the driver to let you know when you arrive at the "Liosion Bus Stop" or in Greek "Stathmos Liosion". All buses run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with frequency varying according to day, time and season. Click here to see timetables as of now.

Travel time estimate for X93 reaching the "Liosion Bus Stop" is 50 minutes. Allow sufficient time to travel as traffic conditions may cause delays. Further information about Athens local buses and routes can be found here.

Also please see details of how to reach "Liosion Bus Stop" by following the Google Maps link. Once you reach the stop walk towards the Long-Distance Buses (KTEL) Station (1-minute walk). Long Distance buses in Greece are always Green.

Head towards the cashier counter and find the cashier for KTEL PIERIAS (ΚΤΕΛ ΠΙΕΡΙΑΣ). Purchase your ticket and board the bus at the lane indicated to you by the cashier. The bus will take you directly to Katerini and once you arrive at Katerini's Bus Station simply ask a taxi (there are taxis 24/7 at the bus station) to take you to the Mediterranean Hotel & Spa or to any other hotel you have booked. PLEASE NOTE that the Long Distance bus to Katerini runs only 3 times per day at the times specified here (currently 09.45, 15.00 and 22.00).

You can purchase you bus tickets in advance here.

Taxis: You can use a taxi to take you from the airport to Athens City Center. A taxi from the airport to the city center costs a flat rate of 38€ from 5:00 a.m. to midnight, and 54€ from midnight to 5:00 a.m.. If you want to use a taxi service we suggest you use the application for Android or for iPhone to save both money and time.

By car

The conference venue is well recognized by Google Maps. Simply select "Mediterranean Village, Main Street, Paralia - Korinos, Paralia - Pieria, Greece" as your final destination.

Further information

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